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FHA Streamline Benefits and Requirements

Do You have a FHA Loan and Want to Reduce Your Monthly Payments each month?  An FHA Streamline Refinance may be the choice for you!

Unlike a conventional refinance where tons of paperwork is required, a FHA streamline refi is quick and has minimum costs.

***Starting June 11, 2012 if you currently have an FHA loan you may qualify for a refinance that will reduce your upfront mortgage premium to only .01 percent and your annual premium of .55 percent!***

Benefits of a FHA Streamline Refinance

  • Home Re-Appraisal usually not required
  • No income verification, employee verification, or underwriting fee required
  • Easily increase or decrease the length of the term of your existing loan
  • Take advantage of current low interest rates
  • Little or no out-of-pocket costs
  • Minimal Paperwork

Many people choose a FHA Streamline Refinance because they can refinance with no out-of-pocket costs. This is offered in two ways: the costs can be covered by the lender in exchange for a slightly higher interest rate, or the costs can be included in the new loan if the property has sufficient equity.

FHA Streamline Requirements

  • Your existing home loan must be FHA-insured, current, and in good standing.  Good standing means you haven’t missed any monthly payments,
  • The borrower must have a seasoned loan – ie, the borrower must have opened the loan at least six (6) months prior to refinancing.
  • The Streamline Refinance must lower the borrower’s interest rate, which in turn will lower monthly payments. Usually you can get cash back on a refinance but with an FHA streamline refinance, cash back is not an option for this type of refinance.

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FHA Mortgage Loan Timeline

An FHA Mortgage loan is the most common type of mortgage for home purchasers to use these days.  Getting an FHA Loan is also one of the most frustrating experiences for a home buyer to endure a penis stretcher.  It makes shopping for the home, negotiating the price, and the home inspection seem easy for most people.

After taking a quick survey and finding that this was the most frustrating part of the home buying process for most buyers, we decided to put together this little FHA Mortgage Timeline that would help buyers understand the process a little better.

  • Day 1 – Loan application over the phone, pull credit, review loan options.
    Collect initial paper work, turn in file to operations. (If it fits everyone schedule!).
  • Day 2 – Operations scrubs file for missing items, signatures ect. Orders title.
  • Day 3 – Processor talks with client to collect any missing or added documents. Needed ASAP.  Processor usually has file a 3-6 days depending on how fast client returns items needed.
  • Day 4-9 – File goes in line to be underwritten as soon as file is complete. Underwriting time is 48-72hrs or with sizegenetics.
  • Day 10-12 – Receive conditional loan approval, call client with list of conditions.
  • Day 13-16 – Client returns all loan condition items.
  • Day 17 – Hopefully we have every thing we need to re-submit the file to underwriting with loan conditions. 48-72 hrs.
  • Day 18-21 – Review final conditions
  • Days 22 – File is cleared to close
  • Day 23-25 – Loan is closed.


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